Downloading Storyline Templates

Sep 26, 2013

I'm a new user to Storyline and noticed that there is a link to download free templates.  I have chosen that option and signed in online to the site.  From there, I have chosen a few templates online and saved them to my desktop.  In an effort to make them selectable from the listing of templates for a new slide, I tried a few things.  The main thing I tried was to copy and paste the downloaded templates to Program Files > Articulate > Articulate Storyline > Content > Templates.  I noticed that in that directory that there are the two standard templates (Character Panel Displays and Top Interactions).   I can now see the listing of the two standard templates along with the ones I downloaded but I am not able to select them from within Storyline when going to new project, insert, new slide, templates tab...not showing the new templates listed in the drop down for available ones.  Any suggestions?

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Dave Turner

Thanks for the feedback Tracy!  I was able to take your advice and get it to work this time.  One thing that I did differently is when I choose the template to download I'm given the option to Save or Open.  This time I chose Open instead of Save and then the template was put right into that directory that you specified and then I was able to choose it.  I'm on my way!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Salwa!  What version of Storyline are you using? 

Storyline 360 comes with a fully loaded Content Library with 100 characters, both illustrated and photographic.  Earlier versions of Storyline offered 40 illustrated characters, a photographic character, and additional photographic characters for purchase.

You can use the Insert tab at the top of your project in Slide View, and choose Characters.  You'll see what you have available in your Storyline!

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