Drag an Drop Challenge

Hello all,

I am thinking about how to solve a drag and drop situation.

As I can´t describe it good enough, I attach here a draft picture describing a rough idea.

Its about a fishing rod. I have about 80 pieces a rod can exist of. First I let the learner get the right order of all pieces starting from the handle ending until the hook. Then in a second step I want the learner to learn what correct parts are  needed for assembling one out of 10 different rods. For this scenario I have the challenge of 80 pieces. These won`t fit on one page. So what to do?

My idea is to distribute it onto several tables (=slides). But how can I use drag and drop?
First idea: Using the zoom function for each table?
Second idea: Switching somehow smoothly to or between the table of the target zone an the other tables. But what could be a smooth mechanism?

Can you help me?

Best regards,


P.S.: I tried a trick of creating a horizontal scrolling panel, but that hasn`t worked out as the object in it won`t scroll. They stay at fixed position.

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