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Joel Trumbach

Hello Bianca,

I know it's a little late, but I too was playing around with this concept of having one object in multiple possible locations.  Thru some triggers and dummy objects, I was able to allow a single object to be placed in multiple locations and still be considered "correct".  Note that I am NOT using any grading from a drag and drop object, rather I am simply using them to make the objects dragable and identify possible drop locations.

I accomplished this in 2 steps.  Step 1 is for a trigger to change the state of a dummy object to correct if the drag object is on either drop location 1 or drop location 2.  Step 2 is to change the state of a results object or layer if all 3 dummy objects are in the new state.

Here is my slide layout.  I have created 2 drop boxes and want to allow the 3 balls to be dropped in either one of the boxes to be considered correct.  Note the 3 triangles, or "dummy objects" off to the side.

Each triangle has a normal state and a correct state (I changed the color just for my benefit of a visual).  The objects are off the screen so they are not visable once published.

Then I created a trigger for the first triangle to change the state of triangle 1 to "correct" when the oval 1 object is dropped on either Box 1 OR Box 2.  Repeat for the additional dummy triangles.

Once all of those are created, you will then focus on the results.  I have it changing the state of the question mark, but it can also be used to change the layers to the appropreate feedback.  The trigger states to change the object state to "right" IF the triangle 1 state is "correct" AND triangle 2 is "correct" AND triangle 3 is "correct".

On the other hand, an additional trigger was created to change the state or layer to "wrong" IF triangle 1 is NOT set to "correct" OR triangle 2 is NOT set to "correct"...... You get the idea.

Hope this helps.