Drag and Drop 2nd Attempts


Wondering if anyone can have a look at my file (Slides 8.2 &8.3) - my Drag and Drop questions seem to be stuck on a loop until the correct answer is selected. 

My drag items return to their original position when the first attempt is incorrect, but I can't seem to move to the next question if the second attempt is incorrect. 

Thanks in advance - feeling like it's Ground hog day!

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Daniel Servan

Hi Rebeca,

As I understand, you added a Try variable because you are resetting the dragged objects and reload the quiz.

Just change the condition to 1 instead of 2.
It is because of your initial value is 0, and when you hit Try Again it becomes 1 but actually, you tried 2x. 

If you set the initial value of 1 then your condition is correct.