Drag and drop


I want the following exercise within my e-learning:

A collection of words, which I want the learner to be able to pick up and move into the correct category...

For example something like:

Match the following learning strategies to the preferred learning style:





Then a collection of learning strategies that I want the learner to 'pick up' and connect/drop with the learning style. There will be more than one right answer for each....

Any ideas?!!

Would be greatly appreciated, I've follwed the tutorial for drag and drop and am getting a litte stuck!

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Dennis Hall

Hi Rachel:

The text boxes are objects and all your tagets can be objects as well.

Lay out what you want on a slide and select the Convert to Freeform button, then select the Quiz tab and use the Drag and Drop or the Pick Many interaction types.

I've done this with many slides and it works perfectly.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Donna Morvan

Hi Rachel,

For some reason, I can't see the picture but maybe you can check these tutorials out:

As you can see you can use states to really make your activity work.


The next one specifically demonstrate how to make the draggable items disappear when dragged on the drop target.