Drag and drop activity


in a drag-and-drop activity, I have the same proposal twice. To work around this problem, I put triggers on these proposals. But I encounter a new problem: if the learner deposits the other proposals in the right place, without depositing duplicate ones and validating the interaction, he validates the exercise. But he has not deposited everything. Do you have an idea ?

Attached is the storyline file. This is Exercise 1.4 Le pacte Dutreil.

Thank you in advance

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Garance Blanc

Yes, it's my problem. 

As you can see, the "deux" proposal is to be submitted twice. And for that to be the case, I set up a trigger "change the state".

But, the other two proposals (individuel and collectif) are corrected directly in the exercise, as you could see in the drop target.


Not sure to be clear...

Pierre Jouan