Drag and Drop - Add sound feedback on drop?

Aug 03, 2012


Trying to figure out if you can add a 'sound' to an incorrect or correct drop easily when the user drops an item on a target?

I have a sorting drag and drop.  Sorting a dozen or so draggers into 3 different buckets.

I am thinking you would need to add two separate triggers on each drag object?  So, when dropped on wrong bucket, trigger to play media wrong sound, and dropped on correct, play media correct sound?

Any easier way? I tried to add sound to the DropCorrect and DropIncorrect states but that did not seem to work.


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David Anderson

Slide layers are a good way to go about it.

Another idea is to place all audio files on your base layer and evaluate drag correct and drag incorrect states of your objects.



The drop correct trigger plays a one-second audio clip while the drag incorrect trigger plays a six-second clip. You'll notice that the clip can't be restarted until it finishes playing. The workaround is to use very short clips for feedback or duplicate the longer clips--one for each drag object--and trigger them individually. 

I prefer using shorter clips

Eva Han

Hi everyone, 

I like the state method of playing correct or fail sound... but when I was trying to add sound to the actions like play media when object is dragged over the background...play media when object dropped on the target area....it is not working and I don't know why, maybe someone can help?

On the slide, the "man" note is not working, maybe there is something wrong with too many play media triggers?... but the "woman" note is working just fine with no play media trigger on. The "man" note cannot be dropped on the target area any more.


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