Drag and drop Alignment

Jul 07, 2014

I want that the dropped items should align to bottom.

is there any trick for the same?

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Julien Martin-Schmitt


You can use the Arrange function.

You select the items you wish to be aligned together, And use in the Arrange "Aligh To Bottom"

Keep in mind that the alignment will be in this case to the selected item which is at the bottom most of the slide.

Is that answer your questions?

Or you are speaking about the position before to carry out the exercise?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard


When setting up your drag and drop, there is an option to determine how they'll stack with one another:

A general explanation for each term would be as follows:

Tile - will drop on top of your target and other drop items so that just the corner edge is showing, kind of like fanning out a deck of cards.

Stack Random - will have the object(s) appear on the target, but in no particular location.

Stack offset - will have the object(s) appear on top of the target, offset just to the right a bit

Free - will place the object(s) on top of the target wherever the user lets it go

Snap to center - place the center of the object(s) over the center of the target

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