Drag and Drop and Data Entry Freeform Quiz?

Jun 12, 2017

I have an equation where I need students to drag elements of the equation, then solve the equation and type in the answer. Is this possible to have both kinds of quizzes?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Katie

Set up a pick one using two offstage buttons (they are onstage at the moment for testing) correct and incorrect which are used in the form view to identify the correct response.  

I've added one numerical entry field for '6' to test so you'd need to add the other DE fields and then add them into the conditions of the trigger.

I also deleted the drop correct/drop incorrect built-in states and created custom correct/incorrect states.

i created 6 T/F variables one for each index that are also used in the triggers.

Hope this helps or gives you an idea.  

The way it works the feedback layer will display when you click Submit and covers the screen which is showing the answer - you may want to reformat the Correct layer so it isn't sitting in the middle of the screen but that is your call.

PS. I may have changed some of the text box formatting when I duplicated the screen (sorry)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Katie

see attached.

I created 'selected' states for all of the 'hotspot' objects to use in the triggers as we need to be selecting something to register for the correct answer. I have them formatted with a faint orange border so the user can tell they have actually clicked on something. This does give the hand cursor when they hover over so is a give away - you may need to have hotspot distractors over all words so that whereever they hover the hand cursor displays but they still have to click on the 'correct' answers.  I haven't done this step.

At the moment if they click on the four objects you noted above they get the correct feedback layer - anything else they get the incorrect feedback layer.

Let me know if you need more help.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Katie

Yes you would need same states 

Ah and sorry -  one thing I noticed I didn't do on your file was to change the state of the selected areas to 'correct' after the user clicked the submit button and the feedback layer displayed.  Is this still something you want - we'd need to tweak the triggers.


Katie Evans

Follow-up question:

I have a slide (attached) that has many more hotspots and distractor hotspots. Can you explain the logic? 

  1. All hotspots need to have a trigger to change the state of hotspot to selected when user clicks the hotspot.
  2. Then, we change the state of the correct button (off stage) to selected when user clicks the submit button if
    1. All the correct hotspots states are equal to selected?
    2. All hotspots (correct and distractors) are equal to selected?

How do I tell what's incorrect/correct?

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