Drag and Drop - Anyway to just drop incorrect answers when submit is pressed?

I'm working on a course where I have a fill in the blank test for people to drop the correct terms on the underlined space within a definition. This is only a knowledge check in the middle of the course, and we give the user 3 chances to succeed with the test. The question that was presented to me was whether or not we could have the incorrect definitions dropped back to their point of origin when incorrect so the user didn't have to guess which definition that they got wrong and really have to throw a ton of effort into an ungraded portion of the course. Is there a way for me to have an action like that happen? 

The only other solution that I have in mind is to possibly split this drag and drop up into 6 different slides.

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Gary Collins

What I have done is change the state of the dropped objects.

If you select the text you are dropping you can add the states for 'Drop Correct' and 'Drop Incorrect'

Then you add a Submit Interaction trigger to your submit button.

When they do that the colors will change from black to the states you set for correct and incorrect.

Gary Collins

You don't need to use those layers if you don't want to. In essence when you change the color you are showing them the feedback by letting them know which ones they got right and wrong.

After the color changes they are still able to drag them around. So in my example they only need to drag the two they got wrong and then click the check answer again.

I did use the Try again and correct layers though but customized them.

On those layers I add the instructor and had her fly in then fly back out after 6 sec. so that she didn't stay there and cover the main buttons I have at the bottom.



Vincent Scoma

Hi Colette,

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