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Sep 21, 2016

Hello Articulate community,

I am new to Articulate Storyline and want to create a simple drag and drop game. The items I need to drag and drop are not moving.  I was following this tutorial - https://community.articulate.com/series/4/articles/drag-and-drop-questions-in-articulate-storyline-2.  

What am I doing wrong?  The tutorial did not mention triggers. Do I need to add triggers to the drag items? 

 I attached screen shots of a storyboard demo of the game.

Thanks for your help.


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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for sharing your file - this is a quick fix! The reason your rectangles aren't dragging is because they have a transparent fill. In other words, you can't drag the shape unless the mouse is directly over the edge of the shape. All you need to do is fill the rectangles with white, and that will fix the issue. 

I went ahead and made the fix on the attached file. Best of luck to you on the rest of your project!

Gayle Myers

Wow...that's great.  I am so glad I reached out to you.  I would have pulled my hair out trying to figure that one out.

I have another question.  Instead of using a submit button, I was thinking it would be better if an immediate response would appear when a selection was dragged to a spot. Is it possible to get an immediate response whether it be correct or incorrect  when I dragged the rectangles to a spot?

Thanks again for your help.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gayle, 

Glad Alyssa was able to help you out with that fix! As for the trigger you're looking to set up, you could include drop correct/incorrect states for your drag items and have those change immediately upon the user dropping them. Here is a tutorial on how to go about adding in new states, and if you use the built in dropped correct/incorrect they'll behave as described here.  You'll also want to ensure you've set your drag and drop options to not "delay item drop states until submitted". If you don't want the user to have to click submit at all, one additional trigger of "submit interaction" when the state of items X, Y, and Z are equal to drop correct or drop incorrect should cover you! 

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