Drag and Drop at the end of a motion path

Sep 28, 2018

Hi there,

some objects (pictures) are moving on a motion path. After the path is finished I just want to let these pictures drag and dropping onto another place (hotspot).

I have set up the convert to free form. Defined those objects as questions and one single hotspot as answer for all those.

But after the path is completed they don`t let drag and drop. They are not clickable/movable.

What am I doing wrong?



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Thorsten H.

Hi Michael (and of course all here ;) ),

I had a look into your file. Thanks a lot for that.

I understand, that you have first created a drag and drop question and second put that onto a motion path.

I have the challenge that I have 4 or more objects to be part of the drag and drop question. These shall be moved onto the table in the center first. After that the learner should drag and drop the appropriate objects into the target zone. 

The animation in the attached file of all 4 objects is smooth. But when I assign them to the drag and drop question this animation is ugly. Do you have a solution?

Besides of that, in a third step if the taget zone has contained the right set of objects of all tables around the goal is reached.



Michael Hinze

I looked at your file and I'm not quite sure what's supposed to happen here. When I click on the hotspot over Group B, a layer is called which animated the objects in that group to the center. Are these the objects you then want  to use as drag objects? And where are the corresponding drop targets?

Thorsten H.

Hi Michael, 

I can look into Storyline on Monday at earlist. So I describe the Idea in general. 

I have 80 objects. The learner must select 10 objects out of this 80 and put them into the target zone. 

Thats all.

As 80 are too much to display them on one slide I decided to put them on these grouptables in a smaller size. So when clicking one table the objects of this table shall jump to the center table (above the target zone) . So the learner could then drag from that center table and drop it into the target zone. 

Are you seeing another Solution? 



Michael Hinze

I'm probably still 'off' with my suggestion, but here it goes. See attached file. Instead of calling layers for the motion path animations, I added them to the objects on the baselayer, in my example I revised GroupB. When you click the hotspot ( I replaced your hotspot with a transparent object that I then hide), the objects are animated onto 'the stage', can then be dropped into the target area and scored as per your setup. Hope that helps you along.

Thorsten H.

Michael, thanks a lot.

You had the hint I was searching for. The tip is creating an invisible form object that will be used as a trigger. I have arranged this object on top of all "layers".

I had to play around this eve with triggers. The challenge was to get all those devices back to their starting point of the motion path. Solved it with "inverse motion path" option.

Look at the attached file.

Thank you so much for your wisdom!


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