Drag and Drop Audio

I have created a drag and drop quiz within a Storyline slide. There are unlimited attempts and feedback, with audi for both "correct" and incorrect (try again) responses. However the audio only plays on the first unsuccessful attempt. If the second (or subsequent) attempts is incorrect, the audio does not play. I have tried branching back to the current slide, but no success.

Any ideas?

Colin R.


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Colin Rider

Thanks Bruce. Audio works each time now on incorrect selection.

One more question though. If the player is impatiant and clicks "try again" before the audio is finished, on the next incorrect selection, the audio starts from where it left off previously. Is there a way to "rewind" the audio, so it always plays from the beginning, on the try again dialogue box?


Colin R.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Bruce and Colin,

Tx for the Q and A.

Bruce, I was able to recreate simply by following your VG instructions, without downloading the story. I'm contemplating creating a Screenr on this. I think many people would find it useful.

First example that came to me, I guess because I volunteer teach ESOL, was to do something with word sounds, (e.g., what rhymes with), so I may use that as my example.

I'd link back to this discussion so y'all would great credit for the idea and solution, but wanted to be sure y'all are OK with that. And TX again.

Bruce Graham

LOL - please feel free to Rebecca.

I had no real idea until I tried it (!), so I learned a lot too!

Apologies for the sound quality of the "Try again..." message, I had the mic plugged in, but was sitting on the sofa with my PC on my lap, and could not be bothered to get up so I shouted at it!!