Drag and Drop

I haven't purchased Storyline yet but hope to do so soon.  My knowledge on this new product is limited. I hope posting to this forum can save me some time.  :o)

Is the drag and drop feature capable of doing the following...

There will be a number of objects on the screen (let's say 8).  The right answer will consist of 4 of those objects.  They don't have to be in any particular order, just placed in the "right" area.  If there is a wrong object in the "right" area, the activity will be wrong and direct them to a screen with feedback.

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Adrian Dean

Hi Teresa,

This tutorial here is more basic than the previous one I posted. I would look at this one first, and then move onto the other one. The one from my first post covers everything you could want to know using drag and drop and covers everything you are wanting to accomplish.

Let me know how it turns out,