Drag and drop

Hi, I'm new to storyline, like to create a custom drag and drop interaction but don't know how to do about it.

I would like to have around 8 pieces of draggable shapes that snap to the dropped object (regardless whether it is correct or wrong).

After having all 8 dropped properly, and upon clicking submit button, I would like the user to reattempt the quiz, but want to have only the incorrect answers reset, with the correct answers answered stay in place.

No limit on attempts.

I've tried looking for tutorials out there, but only see those that either reset everything or give immediate feedback.

Please advise.

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Antony Snow

Hi Ang,

Welcome to the community!

The best place to start when building a slide like this is to first add your assets (the draggable items and their respective drop targets) and then convert the slide to a freeform drag and drop as as described here.

Through the use of variables and triggers, I have created a demo version of what I think you are trying to accomplish and attach it for you to review and pull apart - often, it is easier to understand how something is done if you have a working version in front of you

Have a look at the attached and please feel free to post back if you have any questions.