Drag and drop button release vs. mouse click button release

Can I use separate function on drag and drop button release and mouse click button release?

I have drag and drop functionality on slide. No feedback, just free dragging and dropping of an object. On the same object I need to have an action on mouse click (show another layer) but whenever I grab, move and drop object it jumps to another layer. Basically it treats click release as normal click.

I need it to be like this: When I click on object and release it goes to another layer but when I click on object, move around and drop it behave like drag and drop.

Thanks in advance,



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Adam,

I haven't tested this out, but you could try double-clicking to show the new layer. A single click is going to cause some issues (as you can see), because the user will have to click on the object once to drag it. That single click acts as a selector and reads it as a single click and drag. However, choosing another option (like double-click) may work. 

Try that out and see if it works for you. If you'd like, I can also try testing it to see if I can find some other options.