Drag and drop by Pick one

I have a drag and drop exercise that must use the pick one form. I have 2 problems:
1. In the lesson, there are some words that are not in the answer like convincing, unconvincing, ... so I do not set the drag and drop conditions for them but only change the state.
However, when I preview, the words (convincing, unconvincing, ....) cannot be moved
2. for example: I set the condition for the word "chilling": if I dragged into region 1.1 or region 1.2, then the correct answer is displayed. However, when I previewed, chilling only pulled into the 1.1, 1.2 area, when I pulled to another area, the word chilling turned back to the topic.
Is there any way to make the word chilling be able to pull in all regions, but is the correct answer still 1.1 or 1.2?
3. When I haven't dragged, the warning layer appears inserting the tryagain layer. How to make the tryagain layer appear only when I drag and drop wrong

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Wendy Farmer

Ok Phuong - see this Peek video. I have it working how I think you want.

You'll see colour coding on the slide and variable references but that was for my testing.

Take a look and see if you understand what I did but in a nutshell

Every item that should be placed has both a drop correct and drop incorrect state and a drop correct and drop incorrect trigger.

Every item that shouldn't be placed has only a drop incorrect state and a drop incorrect trigger.

I created 5 T/F variables so that I knew when the items in each row were placed correctly the variable would change to True.

At the end a trigger is set to change the 'C' to selected as per the form view if all 5 triggers are true, and a trigger to change the 'I' to selected if the 'C' was not in a selected state.

I haven't checked the warning or try again layers yet - you should do more testing to make sure it is returning the correct/incorrect layers as you expect then we can look to lock it down more.