Drag and Drop: Can't get Correct layer to show after all items are dropped correctly

I have a simple drag and drop with three drag options. I have it set to snap back when dropped incorrectly. I want a Correct layer to show after all items are dropped correctly.

I have done this several times in the past using a trigger to show layer correct when states of all drag items are drop correct. But, it's not working on my current interaction. The states are there and the drag items are changing to the state upon correct drop. I have tried the trigger at the slide level and attached to an object.

I don't want to resort to a submit button. And I can't afford to keep putting time into this. Please help!

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Amy L.

Okay--the problem was that the circles with letters wouldn't show, no matter what. I see no explanation. So I deleted the circles and instead used text boxes with the letters and am lining them up with the empty circles on the base later (it's harder than it looks).

Thanks for the help. The mystery remains unsolved, if anyone out there wants to try. :-)

Mike Enders

Hi Amy,

I took a look at your file. Here's the scoop...

The Drop Correct and Incorrect states are meant to be used on the objects that are identified as draggable in the form view. So in your case, the text boxes would be the draggable objects. 

The challenge is that you've assigned a Drop Correct state to an object (the blue circle) that isn't directly involved in the drag-and-drop interaction. Thus, Storyline isn't paying any attention to it. To have Storyline give it attention, you'll need to add a trigger similar to your current submit trigger.

So something like "Hey, Change the state of blue circle to Drop Correct when the state of Option X, Option Y, and Option Z are Drop Correct.

If I had to surmise, I'm guessing that you're viewing "Drop Correct" as a bit of a global setting. In other words, "Hey, if the question is correct, then anything that I've assigned a "Drop Correct" state to, should automatically fire when the learner successfully completes the question. 

However, as mentioned above, the Drop Correct and Incorrect states aren't global in that sense. Rather, they are only automatic on the objects that are being dragged and dropped. Hence the check box option to "Delay item drop states until interaction is submitted". 

All other items on the slide will need to be triggered to show that change.

I hope this helps!