Drag and drop, change state after REMOVING drag-item

Sep 19, 2016

I've created an drag an drop-question in with the drop-target's color changes after an item is dropped on it.
But, when the learner is changing its mind, i want de color to change back to its initial state.
I can't figure out how to do that.
Im a overlooking something?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Erica,

What type of drag and drop are you using? I'm assuming you're using freeform drag and drop, since sequence drag and drop or similar do not have state options, and you wouldn't be able to edit the colors from within the states. 

Would it be possible for you to share a screenshot of your slide and trigger pane? That will give me a better idea of what you're working with. Thanks!

Wendy Farmer

Hi Erica

see if the attached works how you want.  I added a hotspot underneath the drag items.  I only worked on the first drop target chevron to trigger it's state back to normal when rectangle 1 is dropped on hotpot.  Hope I've understood what you meant

If so, you'll just need to repeat the trigger.

ASVZ Talentontwikkeling

Wendy, i discoverd a problem in your sollution. i hope i can explane in englisch..
If i remove de dropitem from the droptarget, the state changes back to normal. So far so good.

But... if you pick up the next dropitem, and you drag it over an already filled droptarget (it happens verry easy when you move to the lower droptarget), the still filled droptarget changes back to normal...

Im kind of stuck with this slide..

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erica,

I'm not sure I'm clear on what you're running into. I took a look at the example Wendy shared, and as she mentioned it seems she only updated the first drop item.  If I drag an item to it, it changes it state and when I drag the item off it changes back. If I drag a second item to it, the state changes again as expected. The bottom ones are not currently changing back - but as she only updated the top one, to be expected.

ASVZ Talentontwikkeling

I recorded the problem. My englisch is'nt good enough to explain.

there are 2 problems:

1) If i have dropped an item on a target, and later move another item over that target, to get to another drop-target, the target you cross changes state. (in the screenrecording it happens with de pink drop-target.

2) by using the solution Wendy created, you can now move the drop-targets...

I hope you can view the recording... 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Erica

I converted your slide to freeform - see if the attached works for you. It is submitted using the player submit button as I didn't see a custom submit button on your slide - so you'll see the default correct/incorrect layers.  

At least if we can get the logic right we can format the feedback layers later.

I have created a drop hotspot for each of the drag items

ASVZ Talentontwikkeling

Hi Wendy

In your last upload, you undid your beautyful work with made the dropzone's change state. Yesterday i worked on your idea and made working feedback-slides, a submit-button witch changes state when all the droptarges are filled.

My problem at the moment is that i love the way it works in the attachment below, but i cant fix the 2 problems in the screenshot i posted this morning.

Do i have to accept that it is not posible to have it all? or am i doing something wrong?

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