Drag and Drop Changing Correct/Incorrect States

Dec 03, 2012

I'm using the notes drag n drop interaction.  When the user drops the note on the file cabinet or trash can I don't want the note to stay there.  How do I move where the note shows up on the correct/incorrect state?  I tried moving them when you go into edit states, but that didn't work.  I'm sure it's something easy!  Thanks

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Peter Anderson

Hi Brandy, 

In the Drag and Drop edit window, the Drag item options will allow you to return an incorrect item to its start point if dropped outside the correct target, but there isn't an option to return a correctly dropped item to its original position. As for the check or X to determine the correct / incorrect drop, I'm not sure there's a built-in feature that would allow you to do this, but it may be possible through variables and shapes. 

Annie Jean

Hi Brandy,

I found a way to do something that could maybe work for you.

In preview, test the oval. It is not coming back to the original position but I make a new one appear at the same place (or about).

Also, the check mark and the "X" have been added to custom states for the appearing shape.

Hope it helps and have a nice day!


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