Drag-and-drop colouring

I'm creating a template for an activity where the learners have to "colour in"  squares using drag and drop so that they can visualize the documents they're reading. The colour key (in this case, textures) is below the table. Learners grab one of the keys (e.g., clay) and drag it up to the target square (e.g., SB1-1) to colour it in. If correct, the target square will fill with the correct texture. If not, the learner will try again.

I have created a state for Drop Correct that will provide the correct texture for each square. But I don't know how to get the drag-and-drop interaction to convert to this state. Also, I don't know how to make the colour key "infinite" (i.e., they don't disappear after you use them once).

I appreciate any tips on how to do this. Thank you.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sarah

you haven't set up the drag & drops in the form view. So in the left column you would select Rectangle 15 which is clay and then select the drop target that clay would go into.  That is how a traditional D & D would work.  But once you select Rectangle 15 it will be used up  and won't be available again to drop anywhere else.  

You could potentially do this as a pick one freeform with some tweaks and triggers - that way you could have unlimited blocks of 'clay' sitting on top of each other and as the user drags and drops one another displays that they can drag and drop.


Nancy Mucklow

Thanks, Wendy. I had explored using drag-and-drop, but it doesn't do the trick. The dropping I need has to be a trigger to activate the state change, rather than dropping a correct answer into a box.

Also, if I set the colour keys as stacks of blocks, then if the learner chooses to do the blocks in a different order than I planned, correct answers will come up as incorrect. 

In Moodle, for quiz drag-and-drop interactions, it's possible to set "drag" items to "infinite" so that the learners can use them as many times as they want. Not sure how to do this in Articulate.

Thanks all the same.