Drag And Drop - correct multiple answers that are correct but showing incorrect

Feb 23, 2021

Hi All

I have had a search on previous post but still not been able to fix the problem I have.

I have a drag and drop - some of the drags can be dropped in more than one drop box (as more than one correct answer).

Thou when I submit - it states it is incorrect.

Be grateful for some help and guidance please.

I have attached.


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Martin Brown

Hi All

I have just had a response from Darrell in the Articulate support team 

"To start, each drag item can be matched to only one drop target. However, each drop target can be assigned to more than one drag item (i.e., you can drop multiple items into the same target). It is expected to get the incorrect feedback layer if you drop a draggable object into an incorrect drop target."

Do any of you have any ideas how I can still achieve my task?

I would still need the Drag items to be able to go into more than one Drop target.

Maybe Drag and Drop is not the best tool?