Drag and Drop - Custom - Send the label back to initial position

I've just finish a drag and drop interaction where the students have to re-create words.

For example, You may drop the label  ACHE over BACK, HEART and HEAD to create the words backache, headache and heartache.

After dropping to label I would like to send it back to it's initial position.

Do anyone know how this can be achieved?

You can have a look at it here:


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Solange Richard

Thank you Ashley,

The best I could do so far is to move the arrow a little bit to the side so it looks better.

The problem that I still have is that then, the arrows "overlap" if more than one is dropped in the same box.

If anyone can find a solution I would be very happy.

See the code attached.

Solange Richard

I made it work... but...  It's a very painful process!

I had to calculate, for each label and each box, the number of pixel to move the label back to it's original position.

This means creating 7 states per label , plus one if the label is dropped outside a box.  For a total of 64 states!

And then, for each drop possibilities, a trigger to change the state of the label to the appropriate one (64 triggers).

For example, label 1 dropped on box 5?  change the state of label 1 to label1_box5_init!

This makes me wonder, WHY cant we have an option for  absolute positioning in the state parameters?

It would make more sense to just set the label back to the original state once dropped to return it to it's original position.

Please, if you come up with a better solution I would love to know.  My method is so time consuming I would not use it much.

If you are curious (and masochistic enough) to use this interaction... I've linked the story.

Note:  I've attached the wrong file to this post.  See the next post for the correct story.

and I can't remove those strange characters!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Solange for sharing that here - and although it's a lot of work, you did a great job with it! If you'd like to see the ability to use absolute positioning within your states I'd suggest submitting it as a feature request and reference this thread and project for how much easier it would be with that element.