Drag and Drop different options on multiple drop target

Hi everyone, I am builiding a drag and drop for a portuguese language exercise project, where I have different options with the same name and each one could be dropped for a different target. So, I had review here another discussion and I am trying to resolve with a Pick One freeform like as a hero suggest. But when I answer the question, a message "Invalidad response because I have to complete the exercise" shows when I submit it. I had reviewed all the triggers and don't found what's wrong. 

I am sending to you the my .story project "PickOneMultipleDrag" and "drag_dop_pick+one_2+correct" what is solution sended by the hero in discussion I have mention.

Please help to me with this discussion and forgive me for my english :p

Thank you so much.

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Gabriel Pardo

Hi Ashley, thanks for your reply. That's so curious because I attached the files :/, sorry. But I am attaching those in this replay. My pesonal file is "PickOneMultipleDrag", the other one was my reference to execute the freeform activity.

I hope for your reply. Thank you so much.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gabriel,

Thanks for sharing the files here. I took a look and had to make myself an answer key, and when answering it all correctly based on that I'm receiving the "invalid answer" message which is likely based on one of the objects not changing it's state to dropped correct/incorrect and triggering the selected state for your pick one objects. I'd likely guess it's a dropped correct state as the other one would be changed to select the incorrect option if "any of" the items are incorrect. To continue troubleshooting this on your end, I'd suggest double checking the triggers that they're all set to change when the objects are dropped on the item and looking at changing the color of the dropped correct state so that you could see that the changes are occurring as expected.