Drag and Drop - Drag Correct and Drag Incorrect States

Apr 14, 2015

I've setup a drag and drop page.

Each drag item I created two states using the built in options - Drag Correct and Drag Incorrect.

The customer wants this activity to have two attempts.

Everything works great except that when the user click Submit the first time, it changes the states of the drag items to one of those built in states. It offers the try again but all the drag items have been changed to one of the states.

Is this a glitch in the software or can you not have two attempts set up for a drag and drop activity that uses the built in Drag Correct and Drag Incorrect states?

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Parashuram Vhaval

Hello Tracy,

I never encountered this issue but after reading your post I just made simple test file and found same behavior in case of dragable object states. It may be software glitch, I also tried one trick to overcome it, it might increase your work though.

You can create triggers on Try again layer, to set dragable object back to Normal state, below is the trigger:

Change state of "dragable object name" to Normal When timeline reaches 0.01 sec.


Also, I have attached my test file for your reference.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Tracy,

This is by design - if you drag the item out of the drop target, you'll see the state changes back to normal allowing user to test it again. If the user has already seen the dropped correct/incorrect states, and you're allowing them to try again - they have to drag the elements and those states will reset to normal until the interaction is submitted again. 

Tracy Logan

The user would have no reason to drag it back out of the drop area. If there are a bunch of words and they have to move them into one of two buckets, all the drag items will be in a bucket. If it's set to 2 attempts, it should only come up and say Try Again, but instead it also changes the states of them to the correct state. It shouldn't happen until they click Submit on their second attempt. The solution above was a good work-around for me.

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