Drag and Drop - Drag item in both drop areas

May 04, 2015

I've created a page for a customer of mine where there are two drop areas on the screen with several drag text items. In our learning of how these work, we've noticed that if you place a drag item and it's touching both drop areas, it somehow picks one of the drop areas. I'm not sure how it decides this but my question is, is there a way to tell storyline to kick the drag item back unless it's in only one drop area? I've attached an image below. The two items that are across both drop areas are correct for the Closed drop area.

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Emily Ruby

Hi Tracy,

It seems that when an item is over 2 different drop targets, it will land in whichever target that contains more of that items space. 

In the drag and drop options, there is a setting to snap the item back if it is dropped outside of an object, and if it is dropped outside the correct target, but not if it is over 2 targets. You could submit a feature request for this, and if others have any ideas on a way to make this work, I am sure they will chime in.

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