Drag and drop dynamic positions


Using Storyline 360. Trying to put together a drag and drop where the drop target position can change. I've just used different states for the drop target to move it to various positions on the screen and this works fine. However, the object being dropped on the target always snaps to the 'normal' position of the drop target independently of what state and where the drop target is visually. The dropped object correctly recognises when it is dropped over the target wherever that target is on the screen, but it always snaps to the same position once dropped. The object has to snap to center or things will get very messy visually.

Have tried using a freeform slide and changing various options, as well as setting up triggers manually on the objects, but just can't get it to work. Is this something that can be done?

Thank you, Mark

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Mark!

Thanks for that screenshot. Would you mind also sharing a sample slide so we can get a better understanding of what those drag items are doing?

If you'd like, you can create a copy of the slide and remove all proprietary content. Then, attach it here, and someone from the community can chime in to help!

Mark Bragg

Hi Alyssa.

I have attached a striped-down storyline file.

So I want the draggable house to snap to the center of the blue drop target. It correctly recognises the area but snaps to the 'normal' position of the target. If I change the initial state of the drop target it works - but not sure how to (or if you can) change this initial state dynamically via a variable.

Thank you, Mark