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Hi, I have four animal names which need to be dragged to either a Yes Box or a No Box.  When they are dropped they show either a tick or cross using states as to whether they have been dropped correctly or not as they go - this all works fine.

I am struggling with the "next" button.  I don't want it to be active until all of the animal names have been dropped to either the yes or no box. 

So what I want the trigger to say is ... when all the animal names have been dropped on either yes or no then make the next button active.  I can do all yes or all no but I cant figure out how to say either yes or no.

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Mcgem Minoc

Hi Sandra,

Welcome to the community!

I understand that you want the 'NEXT' button disabled until the user has dropped all objects on either target. It seems you're already familiar with Storyline 360 built-in states for drag-and-drop interaction so here's what you can try:

First, to disable the Next button, create a new trigger to change the state of 'Next Button' to 'Disabled' when the timeline starts.

Then to enable to Next button, we have to create another trigger to change the state back to 'Normal' when the 'state' of all the objects is 'Drop Correct'.

Lastly, a trigger that changes the state of the object to 'Drop Correct' when dropped on either box. All 4 objects (Animal Names) need this trigger.


Here are some really helpful support articles from Articulate you can also check out:

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Hope this works for you. Cheers!