Drag and Drop Error Message - Suppress or Supplant


I am using a drag and drop function in an activity, and if the user hits "Submit" before dragging and dropping anything, I get an error message that says "You must complete the question before submitting."  This is OK, but it doesn't really support my activity.  (It's not really a question.)

Can I suppress this error? (I have my own help message appearing if the answer is empty.)  Or is this error available for me to edit?  (I can't find it.)



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi David! It sounds like you're using a freeform drag-and drop slide, is that correct? 

First, remove all of the scoring settings in Form View:

  • Feedback: None
  • Require: User may skip
  • Result Slide: None
  • Score: None

Next, open the slide properties, and remove the Submit button. Replace it with the Next button.

Now your learners can drag the objects on the slide, but it's not required. They have the freedom to move to the next slide without dragging.

Let me know if that's what you had in mind!