Drag and drop errors

Hi all,

Any insight into my persistent problem would be greatly appreciated!

I have created a drag and drop activity with two drop sites, correct and incorrect. I have selected items to 'return to their original site if dropped outside of the correct drop site'. This all works fine until...

I create two new layers. The first layer gives a bespoke 'correct' message when the items are dropped correctly, the second 'incorrect' if the wrong items are dropped on the wrong target.

Once I have created the reveal layer triggers for all of the items, the ones assigned to to reveal the incorrect message don't ping back to their original site when placed on the wrong drop target.

I've gone through my triggers, meticulously, but can't find the reason that's causing it!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks,


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Emily Ruby

Hello Aaron, and Welcome to Heroes!

 Within the drag and drop slides, adding a trigger to an item that is set up to snap back, will cause the snap back feature to not work as designed. The trigger will come first.

You may want to leave the added layers and triggers out, and customize the feedback layers. Here is information on how to do this.

Let us know if this helps!