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Dec 26, 2017

I am creating a free form drag and drop exercise with 10 items to drop into 6 blocks and have set up layers to show "correct" or "incorrect" if the item is dropped in the correct block. However, when the user drops the first item (after the correct or incorrect layer) it goes to the next slide and does not allow to drag all ten items.

How can I manage this exercise to move to the next slide only when the user has dropped all items in the correct blocks. Am I missing a layer?



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Michael Kauzlarich

Hello Moida,

I can't see the actual setup in Articulate Review but I think I can help without it. On that slide in Storyline, go to the "Form View" at the top-right and in the Question ribbon at the top the number of attempts is listed. My guess is it is set to "1" and so if they mess up once it fails them for the whole drag-and-drop quiz.

Let me know if that isn't it and I'll try to help out some more.

Michael Kauzlarich


I would suggest inserting a premade drag and drop template into your project and comparing your slide vs. the premade one. You'll notice the premade one only has one trigger on the slide view while yours has multiple triggers (which are causing the issue).

Also take a look at how the Form View of the premade drag and drop slide looks and set yours up. You need to make sure each of the photos is a drag item and the categories are setup as drop targets.

Here is an overview of drag and drop slides: https://community.articulate.com/articles/3-ways-to-create-drag-and-drops-with-storyline-360

Here is another article with a good video walk-through: https://articulate.com/support/article/Articulate-Storyline-360-Creating-a-Drag-and-Drop-Interaction


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