Drag and Drop Exercise in Published Course Stopped Working


We have been using a course with a Drag/Drop exercise for at least 4 months and this week, I've started receiving complaints that it suddenly won't work. I've observed that the user drags a label to the appropriate box and it won't drop - it snaps back. 

It is a Storyline 360 SCORM file hosted on our Success Factors LMS. Problem exists in both google Chrome and IE. 

Is anyone aware of what may be happening? The exercise worked fine until this week!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Shannon,

Did you republish it recently or it's the same course that's been loaded in your LMS this whole time? If you've republished it recently, it sounds like something could have broken in that republish?  If so, could we take a look at your .story file? 

If you didn't publish it recently, I'd look at reaching out to your LMS team as well!