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Walt Hamilton

The built-in Drag and Drop does not allow for one and/or two objects to be dropped on the same target. To get this to work, you must create your own interaction. Here is a sample. There are only two targets, but you can easily create more. To make those objects into drop targets, you must create a trigger for the objects that will be dropped on them. The trigger must perform some action when the drop object is dropped on the target object. In the case of this sample, Rectangle 2 is that target. The ovals can be dropped on it, but it is the wrong answer.

Since this is not a Drag and Drop interaction, you do not have control over how the objects behave when dropped. I got cute and tried to allow some flexibility in how the drop objects stack on rectangle 1, but not on Rectangle 2.

I created this in SL2, so anybody can access it, but it will work in SL3.