Drag and Drop free Form

I am created a free form, drag and drop quiz question in my presentation. The question allows for unlimited attempts, meaning the user must get the correct answer before being able to move forward. On the "try again" layer that appears when the user gets the answer wrong, is there a way to Reset the drag options for the next attempt?

The only solution I have figured out is to set the trigger to say "Jump to slide" and then put the same slide # as the question. Then for "When revisiting" I chose "Slide Initial State". The only problem with this is anytime the user returns to that slide, it will start over.

The ultimate goal is to have it reset the drag options when the user answers incorrectly. Then once they have answered correctly and move forward, if they choose to revisit, they will see the "Saved State" meaning the slide with the correct answers.

Is this at all possible? Please let me know when you get a chance.

Thank you,


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