Drag and Drop (FreeForm Pick One) Interaction gives Invalid Question Error : " You must complete Question before submitting"

Hi All,

I need urgent help regarding this issue. I have created a Pick One FreeForm Interaction which involves drag and drop interaction. If I drag the items at the correct places, then no issue. But If i drag them into wrong places then I get the error :  " You must complete Question before submitting". I wasted lot of time fixing this. Not sure if the problem is with the logic or something else. I tried everything. Can anybody help?




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Wendy Farmer

Hi Dev

just a tip when I create a Pick One like this instead of having heaps of conditions in trigger for Incorrect button I do this . Also, are you using the custom submit button or the player as they are both on the slide.  Can you send a screenshot of the correct answers so we can have a go at trying to figure it out for you

Dev Davidson

Hi Wendy, 

I am extremely sorry. I had attached the wrong screenshot. 

I have attached two screenshots. Both are the correct answers.

As to answer your question. Since there was an error because i used the player submit button, i created new submit button to check if it works. But still the error persists.  I mean, i created the submit button just for testing.


Thanks again :)



Wendy Farmer

Hi Dev

Glad that will work for you - file attached.

And yes I use Articulate 360 - I use Peek for screen capture and it publishes to Review 360. Yes you could comment in the link and I would get an email.

Here is a link to the KB articles on articulate 360