Drag and Drop-from 360 template

Apr 25, 2019

I'm new to SL and have been using the templates in the content library to get me started. I'm working on a quizzing template for drag and drop but noticed that all the items that are dropped in the box are coming up incorrect. How do I edit it to choose what item will elicit a correct or incorrect response? Attached in the slide. 


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Rubie Buenaobra

Hi Stephanie,

In order for you to do that, you need to convert your slide to a freeform. I see that your slide is already in freeform slide. I checked on the form view that all the items are given a drop target as box. If not all objects should be in the box, then you need to remove the box as a drop target of that incorrect object.

For example, if GINA object is not included as a correct answer, they you have to remove Box as drop target of GINA object.


You may check this link below for an example on how you can enhance drag and drop interaction of SL.


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