Drag and drop functionality on Android devices


Recently I've been working on developing eLearning to be hosted on an Android device and during the process have developed a number of interactions including a drag and drop. During the testing process everything worked as designed through a standard browser (e.g. Chrome) however when loading it onto my Android device for testing the drag and drop didn't work.

I searched through various discussions to try and find an answer but without fail so I persevered and came to some very interesting conclusions:

  • Drag and drop doesn't work on my Android device if I use an image to drag

The original idea was for the user to drag an icon from one part of the screen and drop it onto a shape to reveal a new layer. 

  • Use a shape, such as a rectangle as your draggable item

Rather than use an image I created a couple of rectangles. The rectangles were solid fill and, when testing I was able to drag the item around the screen. I then used an image fill as a background to the shape. I was no longer able to drag the item at all so I reverted to a solid fill. When I dropped it onto the drop zone the action was not registered.

  • Use a shape with a solid fill for the drop zone

My original drop zone was a rectangle with a patterned fill. Although I could drag the rectangles onto the drop zone it wasn't showing the new layer. I changed the drop zone shape from a pattern fill to a solid fill, retested and it worked first time and every time since. 

I use Articulate Storyline 2 and have been testing on a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini smartphone.

I'm not sure what to conclude from this testing other than the fact that I found a work around for drag and drop on my Android device and as such I have a very effective mobile interaction. I hope this helps others in the community find a solution also.




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