Drag and Drop help again!

Hi all,

I seem to always have trouble with drag and drop interactions!

The attached file - for some reason every layer shows up when you drag and drop the pictures, except for the picture with the layer benefits. This layer will not show up even though the trigger is the same.

Also for some odd reason - the pictures promo and job ad seem to change size once they have been dragged. I need them to stay the same size. But those two pictures keep changing. They are the same size as they other pictures - however when dropped on the targe they appear smaller. Does anyone know why this is happening?


Thank you.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Amy

just looking at your Normal and Selected states for the pictures where you can see stuff underneath.  The state sizes of the pictures are different

The normal state is 196px x 290px and the selected state is 177px x 268px - that could be your issue there.

Checking the layer thing now