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Hi All-

I can't seem to find a thread on this so please point me to one if it exists!

I want to do a drag and drop where the object has to be centered (crane training- if the object being lifted isn't centered then it swings and could cause injury or damage). I created a hot spot to drag my object to but the problem is that if the object is touching any part of the hot spot it is correct. So the object could be way off center but as long as it is touching, it is correct. Is there a way to restrict the correct answer to be that the whole object has to be in the hot spot? I tried narrowing the hot spot but it hasn't solved the problem. I also don't want to have the object snap into place as that would defeat the purpose. 

Thanks in advance!

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Amanda Chenevert

Thanks Ron! (I replied via email but it doesn't appear that it uploaded here so I am reposting.)

I did start looking at having a smaller object to drop into the narrow hot spot. Is there a way to have my larger object move to the spot where the user places the smaller object? (i.e. have the end of the motion path tied to the object that the user moves?) Does that make sense?



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amanda,

If you respond via email any attachments won't come through, so you'll want to visit this particular forum discussion to share any information here such as attachments, images, copies of your project file, etc. I don't see anything attached here yet - so keep us posted if you're able to share. 

Ron Price


Storyline supports Relative Start Points with their motions, but not a relative end point.  It is an interesting idea and could be a feature request.  I think it could be done if you predfined several motions and then triggered those based on clicking a variety of hotspots.

That would be a way to build it - I am not sure if the juice is worth the squeeze, but it could work nicely.

Christina Clark

I think I am having a similar problem. I have a drag and drop interaction where users drag a number of list entries onto four lists. I have hotspots over the lists as the drop targets so that the drag items snap to the correct place and it looks tidy. At the moment, when someone drags a correct item CLOSE to the correct hotspot (when in actual fact the answer is still hovering over another list), the answer is deemed to be correct and tiles to the correct list rather than snapping back as an incorrect answer.

See attached. You can best see what I mean if you drop a number onto the number list and then drag another number close to the left top edge of the number list, but don't actually drop it.

Can anyone explain what is happening and if there is any way around it?