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Daniel Sposato (Philly)

Yes.... This is pretty simple once you understand the formview and some basic trigger set-up. I've attached a simple color matching of shapes example that shows you how this can be done.

The drags are set to return to their starting point when you drop them on an incorrect spot. Only 2 are correct and the other 2 have no drop zone. Also the next button does not appear until you successfully drop both correct drags through the use of a variable needing to be equal to 2 or more. And each drop has a response in the form of a layer that get's shown with each correct drop, just as you requested.  =)


Hi Leslie,

I am trying to create a drag and drop interaction with specific order but I don't find how to do it .

I search on the blogs but I found only examples,  but not the "How to".

can you help ? 

Here my project attached : There are 5 steps and the learner must put it on the right in the good order :

Imprimer --> 4

Créer --> 1

Enregistrer --> 2

Justificatifs -->3

Envoyer --> 5

After the learner move all objects, he must tick on "Valider" which is "Submit" if all is good you he can see the frame "BRAVO" which is "congrat", if it is not good, he sees "Désolé" which is "Sorry" and he must try until he succed, the button "next slide" is only accessible from the "BRAVO" frame. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hello Sandra!

Thank you for sharing your file. It looks like you've used a basic layout to build the interaction, but you'll want to instead use a Drag-and-Drop question type. Since the slide is already designed, all you'll need to do is insert the Drag-and-Drop question, then copy/paste the elements from the original slide to the new slide. Then use Form View to select the drag items and drop targets. I hope this helps!


Thanks a lot for your support and the quality of the respons Alyssa, it works well !

Best regards

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