Drag and drop in a particular order AND drop location

Hi everyone, this forum is great

I am stuck and was wondering if anyone could assist.

The concept is laying out cutlery, plates, glasses, etc. and laying it out in a particular location (e.g. wine glass at the top, plates in the middle, cutlery on left and right of plates, etc.). This part is quite easy.

However, it also needs to be placed in a particular order e.g. #1 salt shaker, #2 pepper shaker, #3 pinch bowls, #4 butter plate, and so on.

So it needs to be selected in the correct order AND placed in the correct spot.

I have thought of doing it over many screens - select the item you will move first as a hotspot, so when they select the salt shaker, it moves to the next screen, all other items are greyed out, and then you drag-and-drop the salt shaker, press submit. Then move on to the next screen to repeat the rest of the items.

This is a tedious build ... was hoping there was a way it could be combined, as suggested, with drag and drop in the correct order AND correct location.

Thanks in advance!

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Michael Bauer

That sounds like an option for me

The ultimate plan is basically a pool of items and a location to put them in. Thinking of it like a puzzle where you have a pile of pieces and you have to make the picture BUT in a particular order.

e.g. You must select puzzle piece one and place it in its correct spot. You aren't given piece one on a silver platter, nor are you told where it is to go.

Hope that makes sense :)

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Michael,

It sounds like a cool project - I hope you're able to share an example with us once it's done! I think using the "reveal one at a time" would work, but if you're finding it's not the best for your set up, it may help to share the example you have started here or in a new thread so that other community members can weigh in with ideas.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Michael,

I was intrigued by your idea...and was wondering how this could be done without reveal one at a time. The attached is a LITTLE different, in that Learners can see all the items from the get-go. But the knife and spoon states are disabled until it's "their turn." Speaking of which, my correct sequence is fork, then knife, then spoon. Not sure all the great hostesses and table setters our there would agree with me!

Currently, this is just a plain slide, not a quiz slide, but if you require that, it can be done.

Most images are from http://pixabay.com/

Marisa Mendoza

Hello.  I was wondering if you found a way to do this.  I work in healthcare and in order to make IV's staff need to put equipment on in a specific order.  I was hoping to use the drag and drop to do this.  Since it is apparent where the items should go (such as gloves) the most important part would be the sequence.  Any thoughts?