Drag and drop in a simulation

I am trying to figure out how to have an element (a circle in my case) that can be dragged to another location on the screen and dropped, triggering jumping to the next slide. I have set up my trigger so it looks like it should work just like that (Jump to next slide When the user drops a shape on Oval 2). The shape is specified as Oval 1 in the Wizard. But when I preview it, it never works, no matter where I drag it. How can I make this work?

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Dave LeFevre

Previewed scene and whole project. I see that you created a question slide to do this. I was trying to avoid that because it's just one slide in a longer software simulation, so wanted the flow to work with all the other slides. Are you saying that the only way to make a drag and drop work is to use a question slide? Why have the triggers, then, on a normal slide if they don't even work?