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Mar 29, 2018


I am facing an issue but it doesn't happen always... The issue is in drag and drop functionality. I have a drag and drop on a slide that you can attempt as many times...what i notice is sometimes some of my drag items go behind the drop target... this was seen by my client though i didn't see it while i tried.

My drag and drop is a free form one where i have 3 buttons; Check, Show and Retry. When i click Show, i have created motion paths where my drag items (12) will move towards their respective drop targets...it is at this stage that some items get hidden behind the drop targets - the funny thing is sometimes those very items will appear correctly and sometimes they are not seen as they go behind or get hidden. 

Pls let me know why this may happen

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Crystal Horn

Hi Hassy.  It looks like the drag objects will go behind the drop targets in the motion path action if they weren't already on a drop target.  So, if you only drop some of the items, click Check and then click Show, the remaining drag items will animate behind the drop targets.

Because these items are formatted for the drag and drop interactions, motion paths affect them differently than regular slide objects.

As a workaround, I recommend 1 of 2 options: 

  • Separate the Show activity from your base layer.  Put a duplicate setup on a slide layer as feedback, or on a new slide that will route the learner back to your drag-and-drop slide when they click to Retry.
  • Disable the Check and Show buttons unless all drag items are on a drop target.

Let me know if those are viable options for you!

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