Drag and Drop in the Inspire template

Hi all! Can someone point me to a  how-to for the Inspire template's drag and drop activity? I'm having the darnedest time figuring it out. Many of the tutorials I've found so far don't match the template's construction, so I'm missing something (probably obvious). This is the first drag and drop I've tried to build so far. 


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Robb Kramer

This is how the form view looks by default. However, every selection results in “incorrect” in preview mode.


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Robb Kramer

The challenge I'm having is that the template appears to be set up correctly but when I test the drag and drop in a preview, every selection says "incorrect" after submit. Are the drag targets linked to the drop targets as displayed in the form view, side by side? what controls the link between the drag and drop items and the resulting correct or incorrect feedback?

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for the screenshot, Robb! 

The issue is, you need to drag and drop all of the drag objects before clicking submit. 

If all of the drag objects are not on their correct drop targets, Storyline will score the entire question as incorrect.

It sounds like you prefer the learner to drag only one object at a time, is that correct? Let me know if that's what you had in mind, and I can help you make it happen!

Robb Kramer

Well I just got it working (yay!)--this is a case of me making it too complicated and not understanding how the element worked (i.e. dragging each item). I simplified it to five matches and then mixed the drop targets on the right and viola! it tests fine!

Now, if I get them all incorrect, will it reset for me? or, if I drag an item to the wrong box, will it decline the drop and reset the drop item?

Robb Kramer

Perfect! Well that all works now... so, one more NEW question if I can: how do I populate that resources tab that shows up in preview/publish when testing the site? I attached a screen shot. I also have to rename all my slides, I see :-)

Thanks for sticking with me!

Alyssa Gomez

Absolutely! That's what I'm here for, Robb. 🙂

To add resources to your course, go to the Home tab on the ribbon and click Player. When the Player Properties window appears, click Resources on the ribbon.

Click the Resources button on the ribbon.

From there, click the Add icon (looks like a blank piece of paper) at the bottom of the window to add your first resource! And be sure to check out this tutorial for a detailed how-to. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hahah ask away! This forum is the perfect place to get your questions answered. There are lots of experienced Storyline users hanging out in this forum who would love to help, as well. 🙂

And to get more eyes on your questions, be sure to start a new discussion each time you have a question on a different topic. Happy posting!