Drag and Drop - Incorrect Feedback

I have been doing a lot of research and have been unsuccessful.  Hoping someone can help me out on the forums.  I haven't really began building the module yet because I don't know how.

I am looking to build a module with roughly 10 drag and drop questions.  Each question will have a plate to drop objects on and 10 food objects.  Learners will have the ability to drag all food objects to the plate, but only a combination of 3 of the objects will be the correct answer.

I know this can be performed with the drag and drop feature and learners will be given feedback when a combination is correct and when a combination is incorrect.

My question is... Is there any way possible to give individual feedback for each incorrect combination.  If someone chooses an incorrect combination, I would like them to be provided with feedback on why the combination is incorrect.  I know that I would need a lot of different incorrect feedback boxes because each incorrect combination would warrant it's on feedback, but I am unsure if that is possible.  From what I see, there is only one incorrect and try again feedback option for drag and drop questions.

Does anyone have any ideas? Does Storyline have this capability?

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Daniel Brigham

Brian: You ask a good question, and one that many of us have wondered about.

As far as getting feedback on certain combinations, you could certainly set up a trigger that shows a certain feedback if certain objects are selected/combinations are made. I'm thinking about a freeform pick-many interaction/question with triggers to show specific feedback. Of course, if you have a lot of items, the layers needed could be unwieldy.

Of course, that doesn't take care of the drag and drop part. Any one else have an idea?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Brian and Daniel,

I've put together a small "starter" prototype here with D&D and several incorrect layers.I don't know that this is the most efficient method and am way open to feedback from others.

I only have 4 food items with 2 correct and 2 incorrect choices, and I haven't included all the permutations...but enough to get someone started. I wouldn't want to have to do 10 items with 3 correct and all THOSE permutations...yikes!

All items have drop correct and drop incorrect states. These states are what are used to trigger which layer should appear.There aren't any variables.

I removed the default text from the incorrect layer and replaced it with my own. Once I got one incorrect layer to work, I duplicated it and edited the text accordingly.

The triggers are all custom triggers for the incorrect layers and the correct layer. Trigger order is very important. I had to play around a bit and think about the conditions I was setting and how that was affecting trigger order.

Finally, it LOOKS to me like this is working with the results slide correctly, so it could be used for grading in an LMS, but again I'm open to confirmation by the experts.

BTW, apologies for the graphics. Just used some I had tucked away. But you can at least get the idea.

I think this is all working properly now...again, open to easier implementation!

Brian Swisher

Rebecca and Daniel,

Thank you for the feedback!  Had a feeling it was going to boil down to layers.  I really like what you've done Rebecca.  I am going to do some testing on my end starting from scratch based off of your model.  I am rethinking my 10 items, for sure.

I will keep you all posted on my progress and if any other Heros would like to chime in, please do!



Brian Swisher

I was able to create individual incorrect feedback boxes based off of Rebecca's response; however because of all of the combinations that can occur in the scenarios I am using, I decided to not give individualized feedback on incorrect combinations.

I appreciate your help though and will definitely use it in future modules.

One other question I have, is when using drag and drop, if you want to allow learners to multiple attempts, can you have the drag objects reset to the original state when the user clicks try again?



Brian Swisher

Hi Leslie!  Unfortunately, I do not think either of those threads will work for me.

The first thread is a solution for multiple attempts on each question.  In my module, each drag and drop question has 2 attempts.  I want learners who get the wrong answer to have the option to try again on a reset screen and then if the second attempt is incorrect they receive the incorrect feedback.

In the second thread, it is speaking towards retaking the quiz in full or reviewing the quiz in full, not so much completing a second attempt on a question.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Brian,

I THINK the tutorial I created here does what you want. Although in this tutorial the Learner gets 3 attempts, you can set it for 2, or 4, or however many you want. After the "last" attempt, the Learner receives an incorrect prompt.

If it's unclear, please shout out. Or, if it's not what you wanted, can you perhaps upload a slide and see if the community can help out from there?