Drag and Drop Incorrect state will not show up. Please Help.

Jul 17, 2016

I created a drag and drop interaction and everything is pretty much working as expected but the incorrect state does not trigger when a wrong answer is dropped on a incorrect drop target. I've tried all my way to get this to happen and I'm stumped.

If anyone has any ideas please, I'll take any type of solution.



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Brandon Davis

So, I want to be able to change the state of the drop target and not the drag object. The screen shot you showed was my attempt to do that but it didn't work. My drop targets have incorrect states associated with them but not my drag objects.

Is it any way i can make the drop target change to incorrect state if the wrong  drag object is placed on the drop target?

Wendy Farmer

HI Brandon

see if the attached works for you.

I duplicated your dropcorrect/dropincorrect states on the targets and called them Right/Wrong.  I think the inbuilt states are conflicting.

Hope this works for you - I only worked on Behaviourist.  Dropping phones 1 and 5 returns a 'correct.


Brandon Davis

Thanks, Wendy the Correct states work as I would like but for some reason when I try to set the triggers up for if a incorrect answer is drop on a incorrect drop area it doesn't show the wrong state it just snaps the cellphone back.

Do you think something else is interfering with the wrong state from triggering?

Thanks Again.

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