Drag and Drop Interaction

Hello! I have a slide that contains 4 choices. The learner is being asked to drag and drop these choices onto a target. They are ranking these choices based on their own preference so there is no "right answer." When I convert to freeform, I noticed that I have to select one target for each drop item. I was hoping I could select multiple drops so that any order would be acceptable. 

Will freeform do this? If so, what am I missing?

If not, what is the best way to set this up manually? I do not need to track their responses, it's more of an opportunity for reflection. 

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Sabrina Ely

I was just playing around and I created 1 hot spot over the 4 drop sites. I was able to select the same object (hotspot) for all 4 drag options to drop to and then I selected "free" for how they would layer over that hotspot. 

This seems to be working fine and it was very easy to do. Is there a better way?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sabrina,

That's the cool thing about Storyline (I think!) that you can do things in a number of different ways. Here's another (more involved) example of how to set up multiple correct drop targets. So really, it's about what's easiest for you to set up, maintain and how your users will interact with it. Best of luck!