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Jul 29, 2015


I am completely new to Articulate.  I have created an open mouth and a new state called close mouth (so the mouth opens and closes).  There are various foods dotted around the place and users will drag the food into the open mouth which will then close. 

My problem is, I can only get it into the open (normal) state by clicking a button after the lips have closed. 

I have tried every type of trigger to get the mouth to open automatically after food has been dropped on it- it has worked for one item of food then the lips stay closed for the others.

I have tried adding a hotspot covering the whole slide then bringing the mouth and food items above the hotspot and the trigger is when the mouse hovers over the hotspot.  This works but, when you hover over or click on a different type of food the mouth completely disappears until you hover on the hotspot again.

As I say it is working by clicking the button to reopen the mouth but it's messy.

Any ideas on getting it to open automatically after they have closed?  They will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you

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Deanna Brigman


I have put together something very quickly that is hopefully what you want.

I have set up a layer that lasts three seconds. I have made it so the "reopen" layer appears when the state of the mouth is set to closed. I added triggers to change the state of the mouth to "normal" when the timeline of the layer ends, and to hide the layer when the timeline ends.

Let me know if this works for you.

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