Drag and Drop Interaction

Jun 15, 2018


I want to build a drag and drop interaction where the learners see a lever arch folder with several section dividers. I would like them to drop documents into the correct section. 

The problem is - I am unable to visualise how can I go about doing this. Any ideas and/or a sample storyline file from someone who's done this would help me and save me a lot of time. Thank you. 

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Thank you so much Wendy. I have developed a very simple interaction in the attached file. What I would really like is a much more interesting interaction where the learner can drag the objects into the relevant targets i.e. may be the targets would flap like dividers would in a real lever arch file and then the object would go behind the target and not sit on top of it....sorry if this does not make much sense. I am happy to explain again. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Angel

very rough sample would something like this work - see Peek video.  I saved folder #20 as a picture, put it into PPT duplicated it and added a rotation to the picture > saved that back out and it becomes the 'Open' state of the folder 20, then when rectangle 60 is dropped on folder 20, the rectangle changes state to hidden.

You could tweak the rotation so it looks better ;-)

i would recommend saving all the folders as pictures (easy to work with than groups  and you can add states) - also, naming everything will make it easier to allocate the triggers.

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