Drag and drop interaction irregularly shaped drag item

I'm wondering if anyone has a creative way to solve my problem with a drag and drop interaction. 

I am trying to demonstrate where water should be instilled into a medical device by dragging the water bottle over the area where it is to be instilled. The problem is that when any part of the water bottle touches the drop target the interaction is correct. I can't select just the tip of the water bottle as far as I can see. I tried to out drops of water and group them with the bottle, but once again if any part of the bottle touches the drop target it shows up as correct and that can get confusing....

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Donna Morvan

Hello Scott,

Have you tried adjusting the properties of the drag and drop? See screenshot:

Another way to customize your drop target is drawing a hotspot over them and choosing that as the drop target instead of the actual image (if you're using an image). You can use the freeform so you can really dictate what part of the image it is you're setting as the drop target.

Hope this helps,


Scott Kaye

Thanks Donna, I have tried all those solutions, the biggest part of the problem I have is actually the drag item and not the drop target. I attached my story file to demonstrate the problem (slide 3). I used a transparent shape instead of a freeform hotspot, but it shouldn't make a difference. I just can't figure out a way to only use the tip of the bottle as the drag item rather than the entire bottle.

Scott Kaye

Amazing Steve! Thanks so much!!! I never realized that by moving the target area off of the actual target it would help so much. I was trying to put the tip there without even realizing there was a better position to move it to which could solve my problem. Previously it was confusing as it looked like it could be placed into 2 different tubes.

Thanks a lot everyone!!!